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The Truth About Dog Cancer

The truth is, most veterinarians just don't know that much about treating cancer. Many rely on referrals to specialists -- veterinary oncologists -- which makes complete sense. After all, if we humans get sick, we go to an oncologist to get the low-down on what conventional medicine offers us for treatments, right? We don't expect our regular doctor to know how to treat cancer -- right?

Right! But what do we do when there are only a couple hundred veterinary oncologists in North America?? What if you live in the many, many places where there are no veterinary oncologists? 

Well, then, we NEED to rely on our regular veterinarian to help us. That's why Dr. Dressler wrote The Dog Cancer Survival Guide in the first place -- so we can help our dogs, at home, with our veterinarian's help. 

The Truth About Dog Cancer bundle includes the PDF [digital] edition of Dr. Dressler's groundbreaking book The Dog Cancer Survival Guide, and also some of his most interesting, thought-provoking seminars that dive deep into the causes of cancer and some of the most outside-the-box ways to address it. 

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This bundle includes an Amazing Value: 

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List Price/Our Sale Price

The Dog Cancer Survival Guide (PDF edition) PDF $34.95  $9.99
Amazing Apoptosis Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Best Supplements Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Can We Prevent Dog Cancer? Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Carcinogens in Food & Water Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Chronotherapy: Timing Your Meds Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Common Mistakes #1 Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Common Mistakes #2 Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Common Mistakes #3 Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Questions & Answers Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Chemotherapy Side Effects Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Cure: Myth or Hope? Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Dog Cancer Diet Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Dog Cancer Nutrition Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Dog Cancer Prevention Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Dog Cancer Prevention Tips Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Supplements to AVOID Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Supplements: Need to Know! Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Understanding Your Vet's Vocab MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Is Immunity Important? Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Natural Compounds Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
New Thoughts in Cancer Prevention Seminar MP3  $27.00  $7.00
Talking to Vets Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
The Other End of the Leash Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
When Your Vet Gives Up Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Working with Vets Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Your Role as GUARDIAN Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Dog Cancer Seminar Bundle Price $77.00

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