Our Dog Gone Crazy Money Back 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Here Is Why all the Titles We Sell Are Backed By Maui Media's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

 Dog wearing glasses reading book in library

Most book publishers don't offer a guarantee at all -- and it's really weird to offer one in the face of such a dread disease as cancer. 

But we do offer a complete, money-back, total satisfaction guarantee. If you don't feel that your purchase is helpful and useful to you and your dog, let us know and we'll refund your purchase cost. 

We can offer this guarantee for three simple reasons.

One: we have nearly a decade of experience working with readers of these titles ... and we KNOW beyond a SHADOW of a doubt that YOU will benefit immensely by using them. We have no doubt that our titles in this collection will help YOU and help your dog.   

Two: since 2007, we have refunded fewer than 20 purchases, out of hundreds of thousands. It just doesn't happen often -- because of all of the things you are spending money on when your dog has cancer, this information is like gold. It's so valuable, readers just can't imagine ever "returning" it. 

Three: we are huge dog lovers, we've been where you are, and we will do everything possible to help you.

First, let's be clear: we cannot guarantee that your dog will beat cancer (even though so many readers over the last decade have reported that their dogs long outlived their prognosis because they followed the principles outlined in Dr. Dressler's work). No one can guarantee that -- and anyone who says they can is lying. 

We also cannot guarantee that your dog will live forever (although we wish we could). 

However, we CAN 100% guarantee you the following:

  1. You will find the titles in this collection useful and actionable.
  2. You will be comforted by Dr. Dressler's message of hope, and supported by his "bedside manner."
  3. You will find things in these titles that will help you NOW, immediately.
  4. You will find that we here at Maui Media will do everything we can as laypeople who have been where you are, and truly understand the fight you are in, to help you understand the material, so you can make confident choices
  5. You will find yourself stronger, more organized, and more decisive after reading The Dog Cancer Survival Guide.
  6. You will find yourself more connected, more "in love with" your dog than ever before.
  7. You will feel that your purchase is well worth the price you pay.
  8. You will start feeling better within hours of downloading and starting to read your ebook, pressing "play" on your MP3 player, or opening up your paperback. 

In the unlikely event that you'll need to ask for a refund, you can ask for your money back anytime within 90 days of your purchase and we'll start the whole process. If you have a digital purchase, there's no way to erase those files from your computer -- so you'll be able to keep them -- and we'll just refund your money. If you purchase a paperback or a physical CD, just send it back to us and we'll refund your money.

Much Aloha to you and your loved ones, and many cuddles and kisses from our dogs to yours. 

Maui Media