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We're the book publisher behind Dr. Dressler's publications, and this is a web store we set up just for readers of his blog and books. Why? He has generated so much material over the last decade that is so helpful! You can read more about our story here.

Our Dog Gone Crazy Money Back 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

No other book publisher we know of guarantees their publications, but we do. Read more about Our Dog Gone Crazy Money Back 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

VIP Book: The Dog Cancer Survival Guide

Dr. Dressler's best-selling book The Dog Cancer Survival Guide is available everywhere books are sold in paperback and digital formats. You can find it on Nook, Kindle, and iPads/iTunes. 

It's a MUST-READ if your dog has cancer. In fact, if you only get one book in our whole store, this is the one to get. It's available in our store in PDF and paperback versions. 

The Dog Cancer Coping Guide

The Dog Cancer Coping GuideThe Dog Cancer Coping Guide is Dr. Dressler's very first publication. This audiobook has been used by dog lovers around the world to provide them with the information, support and action plan they need to get through the first stages of caring for a dog with cancer - managing what are often overwhelming emotions. It's available in downloadable MP3 and audio CD formats.

Audio Webinars

Dr. Dressler has recorded a remarkable collection of audio seminars.  Made for readers and veterinarians, Dr. Dressler discusses a topic related to dog cancer in more depth than can fit in his publications. He also answers listener's questions about their dog's cancer. Each seminar is available as a downloadable MP3 audio recording that you can listen to on your computer, smartphone or MP3 player. There are dozens of seminars available to choose from.

The Dog Cancer Diet

If your dog has been diagnosed with cancer, he or she needs to start eating a special diet right away. The Dog Cancer Diet is a special excerpt from Dr. Dressler's full-length book The Dog Cancer Survival Guide. In this report on diet, Dr. D walks you step-by-step from understanding what your dog should eat to making a delicious, home-cooked, cancer-fighting meal your dog will think is a treat. This ebook sells for $2.99 elsewhere. But our readers can download a copy from our store for FREE. Just add this item to your cart and when you check out, it will be free.

Shipping Options

Most of the products listed in our publication store are digital, so no shipping is required. For orders that include the paperback edition of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide, or the CD edition of The Dog Cancer Coping Guide, please see our shipping page.

Tracking Your Order

It's easy to track your order! We automatically update you at every step.

  • Immediately after purchase, you will be redirected to an order confirmation page. On this page you will see the details of your order. If you ordered a digital product, you will see your download link on this page. If you ordered a paperback or CD, you will see their shipping status and tracking number.
  • Also immediately after purchase, you will get an email from the store confirming the details of your order. In that email, you will also see a link to view your order page. When you click that link, you will see the same confirmation page you saw immediately after your purchase.
  • If you ordered a physical product, you will also receive an email from us as soon as it ships. That email will have your tracking number. Your tracking number will also show up on your order page. 

If you ever have any questions, just reply to your order email for the fastest response.

Downloading an MP3 or PDF eBook

Please see our downloads page for detailed instructions.

"Out of Downloads" Message

Our download service, Sendowl, require us to limit the number of times a file can be downloaded to three. This is for your digital safety as well as ours. 

But don't worry! If you have reached your download limit, we will reset it for you ASAP. Just send us an email with your order number in it and tell us you need more downloads. Or better yet, respond to your order confirmation email with a quick note. 

It just takes a few seconds for us to reset your downloads so you can download again. 

If you ever lose your file or switch devices and need more downloads, no worries -- just email us and let us know and we'll be happy to reset your downloads. 

You can read more about downloading on our downloads page.

Download Email

If you haven't received your download email from Sendowl, it's almost certainly in your junk folder, so please check there.

If it's not there, please contact us right away and give us your correct email address. Almost always, a typo in your email address is the reason you didn't get your Sendowl email. We can easily correct that typo on our end, and send out your download email.

If you lost your original download email with your unique download url from Sendowl, please click here to recover your download links. Just enter your email address on that page and you will receive an email with your unique download links for each transaction you made from our store. If you have any trouble, let us know. 

How to Contact Us

We're located in Maui, Hawaii, the most isolated place on Planet Earth :-)

Our goal is to get back to customers ASAP, and the fastest way to contact us is to simply respond to your order confirmation email. Just hit reply and tell us what's going on with your order and we'll have all the information we need to help. 

You can also email us directly at cs (at) mauimedia.net or cs (at) dogcancervet.com.

We usually can answer emails within 24 hours, often much faster. 

We also have a toll-free number, 1-800-675-3290, but due to time zone differences and our small team, we may not be able to call you back the same day. You'll get the best service by email, we promise!

Safe Ordering

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