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Dog Cancer Survival Kit Bundle: All Digital Products Plus Paperback Book & CD

List Price: $1,381.79

Sale Price: $119.99

You Save: $1,261.80 (91%)

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Get All of Dr. Dressler's Publications at One Low Price

If you're like most dog lovers visiting this store, you're already spending plenty of money on your dog's cancer, and the selection of information products that WILL help you (we guarantee it) is likely exhausting you. If you don't know what to get, or what you'll need in the end, save time and money by getting this bundle: everything in our store at one low price. 

For the price of the must-read book in paperback (so you can make notes), digital ebook (so you can download and start reading immediately), the audiobook on CD, the audiobook on MP3, and seven (7) seminars, you get ALL of that, plus ALL the seminars. 

This is important, because very often readers of the book realize they want to learn more in depth on a seminar topic - and have to come back and get a seminar. The average number of seminars needed for most Readers is twelve -- making this way more cost-and time-efficient than buying things one at a time. 

Rather than spending full price (even at our discounted store prices) for all of these items, we put them all together in this one bundle that is MUCH lower in price than if you purchased everything separately. 

Dog Cancer Survival Kit Bundle represents a 91% savings off List Prices and a 70% savings off Our Already-Discounted Sale Prices.

This bundle includes everything. Check out the value: 

Title Format

List Price/Our Sale Price

The Dog Cancer Survival Guide Paperback $34.95  $29.95
The Dog Cancer Survival Guide  PDF $34.95  $9.99
The Dog Cancer Coping Guide Audiobook CD $19.95 $17.95
The Dog Cancer Coping Guide Audiobook MP3 $19.95  $14.95
The Dog Cancer Diet PDF PDF $2.99  $0.00
A Bird's Eye View of Cancer Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Amazing Apoptosis Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Best Supplements Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Brain Cancer Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Can We Prevent Dog Cancer? Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Carcinogens in Food & Water Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Careful Immune Boosts Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Choosing Treatments Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Chronotherapy: Timing Your Meds Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Combining Treatments Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Chemotherapy Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Common Mistakes #1 Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Common Mistakes #2 Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Common Mistakes #3 Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Questions & Answers Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Dealing with Grief Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Chemotherapy Side Effects Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Cure: Myth or Hope? Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Dog Cancer Diet Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Dog Cancer Nutrition Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Dog Cancer Prevention Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Dog Cancer Prevention Tips Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Supplements to AVOID Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Supplements: Need to Know! Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Dog Cancer Surgery Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Reader Questions Answered Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Dog Cancer Survival Questions Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Medical Terms Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Grieving Dog Cancer Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Hemangiosarcoma Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Is Immunity Important? Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Leading Your Team Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Mast Cell Tumors #1 Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Mast Cell Tumors #2 Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Melanoma Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Natural Compounds Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
New Thoughts in Cancer Prevention Seminar MP3  $27.00  $7.00
Oral Tumors Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Osteosarcoma Seminar #1 MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Osteosarcoma Seminar #2 MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Osteosarcoma Seminar #3 MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Talking to Vets Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
The Other End of the Leash Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Understanding Cancer Spread Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
When Your Vet Gives Up Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Working with Vets Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Your Role as GUARDIAN Seminar MP3 $27.00  $7.00
Dog Cancer Survival Kit Bundle Price $1,381.79  $119.99
YOU SAVE: $979.95  $281.85
YOUR PRICE: $119.99


    Remember, included in this Bundle is the paperback edition of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide book and the CD version of The Dog Cancer Coping Guide Audiobook. These will arrive in the mail soon after you place your order. (Standard shipping is FREE in the U.S., and all shipping options are listed at checkout.)

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